Apogee Communications Group - Streaming Video for the Internet

Apogee Communications Group has years of experience in streaming video over the Internet. this rapid changing technology enables your company to present products information, corporate image, investor information and company news in video over the Internet.

Apogee offers video streaming in Real Video, Media Player, QuickTime 7, Flash and H.264 formats. the video clips can be customized for different speed modems. Apogee can produce all your video streaming needs from cell phone to high definition delivery. With our new Red One 4K high definition camera video is shot uncompressed at 4520 x 2540 pixels. Video streaming with a 4K source produces clear streaming without artifacts.

The screen size and clarity of the video will depend on data rates. Broadband sources including T1, DSL, ADSL, satellite, cable, fiber optics and other new technologies will increase the quality and smoothness of the video.